Saturday, January 19, 2019


Why Should Government Professionals Attend?

How do you train employees to think critically rather than just taking the path of least resistance when faced with business challenges? What is the best way to launch new organization-wide initiatives? Today’s changing workforce dynamics, challenges, and technological advance put tremendous pressure on organizational leaders to turn their focus to their most valuable asset – their people. Distance and Virtual Education is still a growth area. Organizations need to balance the desire to follow trends with the need to remain unique and to maintain their quality. Join us for the state’s preeminent distance learning conference.

Our Conference offers you:

  • Over 80 breakout sessions on:
    • Instructional design fundamentals
    • Designing, facilitating, and managing the virtual classroom
    • Producing powerful learning experiences
    • Creating mobile solutions
    • New techniques for more effective presentations
    • Advanced Instructional Design
    • Blended learning - Best Practices
    • Videoconferencing – “how to” and vendor contacts
  • Networking with corporate and government distance education professionals from around the state
  • Vendors with state-of-the-art software and products.

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