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Why Should Higher Ed Professionals Attend?

Colleges and Universities are putting more and more emphasis on online learning and the global perspective of learning. But what exactly is 'global learning'? For TxDLA, it refers to global access of information via the web, video conferencing, Skype or similar software; it means the ability to give your students access to world events to learn how it might impact their chosen area of study; it is the opportunity to go outside the walls of a classroom to other places, or bring those outside events and people into the classroom.

The TxDLA 2014 conference offers you:

  • Opportunities to think outside the box with great keynote speakers
  • Over 80 breakout sessions on
    • teaching strategies
    • course design
    • policy
    • blended learning, MOOCs, and flipped classrooms
    • technology and how to use it
  • Networking opportunities with colleagues from over 120 institutions
  • Vendors with state-of-the-art software and products to see and try out

Start Here:

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