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NEW! Catch and Release Presentations: Do you have an experience to share, a new idea, a new way to use software, or a skill that you think others might benefit knowing? These presentations can be found in two alcoves outside the breakout rooms.  Each person can have up to 15 minutes to present their idea or skill. Sign up onsite for any time during the conference (just walk by and claim a slot), spread the word, and share your information. Time is monitored so each person gets their 15 minutes of fame, and talks can be continued elsewhere in the hall. 

Teaching and Learning: Innovative teaching and design for the online environment, such as videoconferencing, flipped classrooms, televised distance education strategies, and other approaches that can be adapted to a wide variety of disciplines.

System Admin: Highlights the programming and setup of instructional technology resources. LMS system administration, SIS system integration, videoconferencing set-up, integrating newest innovations in distance learning technology.

Professional Development: How to keep your faculty, staff, and trainers up-to-date using distance technologies to deliver professional development programs, continuing education, training incentives, resources for training, and needs assessments.

Research: A showcase of the theoretical, methodological, empirical, or application-oriented aspects of distance learning and the use of technology to enhance learning. Student research is encouraged in this category.

Instructional Design: Effective instructional design and the development of instructional materials and courses for the distance education environment.

Program Administration and Policies: How to set up and administer an online or distance education program, including administering quality measures, compliance standards (THECB, SACS, HERC), institutional effectiveness, administrative support structures, upgrade management and design plans, etc.

Student Support: Useful resources, materials, programs, or processes set up to support students in distance education programs.

Vendor Showcase: A forum for exhibitors (vendors) who have partnered with TxDLA for this year’s conference to demonstrate their products in a breakout session.

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