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All breakout session rooms (except for large general session) will have the following:

  • Head Table

  • Electrical Connection and Hard-wired Internet for Presenter’s Own Laptop or Mobile Device (please bring any special connectors that you need such as those for Mac computers)  

  • Microphone: Each session and workshop room will have a standard wired or wireless microphone provided by the convention center with a separate plug connection for laptop audio output through the room's speakers. 

  • Data Projector (Epson Powerlite W17) WXGA and HDMI compatible, with USB connection and VGA Cable, and Screen  

  • Room Setup: a mixture of classroom style with tables and chairs for participants – with some rows of chairs only in the back in some rooms, set to capacity (see below for room capacities)

Presenters should bring their own computers if needed for presentations. Peripheral devices such as printers, scanners, cameras, and other specialized hardware are the responsibility of the presenter. 

IMPORTANT: There will be NO laptops available for attendees at this year's conference. All hands-on sessions will be a BYOD or "bring your own device" session for attendees, with areas for attendees to plug in their own devices.

Videoconferencing Rooms will have videoconferencing units for remote sessions.

Rooms and capacity:

  • Room 225 AB, C and DE: 40 people

  • Room 226: 140 people

  • Room 227: 140 people

  • Rooms 101-107: 50 people

  • Henry Garrett C: 150 people

  • Henry Garrett D: 150 people

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